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Brilliant Universal Limited founded on 2008, we engaged in distribution business in 2013. We currently the sole distributor of ‘’Greenday’’, ‘’Blue Elephant’’, ‘’Mazz’’, ‘’Beanbag’’, ‘’Banana Joe’’, and Glendee’’ brand from Thailand in Hong Kong. We are a small, energetic company who act fast and prompty response to our stakeholder, including our supplier, sales channels and end customers.

food business unit

Sales channel is the key to successfully sell the product. Currently, Brilliant Universal Limited is working with most of the biggest channels in Hong Kong including Wellcome, Parknshop, Market Place by Jason, Taste, Yata, Aeon and a lot of local grocery stores. By cooperating with us, your product will be immediately expose to the majorities of Hong Kong people.

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chemical business unit

Brilliant Universal Limited is expertise in usage of Fluorocarbon chemistry and UV resin system formulation. Base on our knowledge and the support of our vendors including BASF, Solvay, Sartomer, Evonik and many of others, we are always ready to support our customer for their needs in self-cleaning technology, UV coating and adhesive, and also chemical for daily use.

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In nowadays business world, time is money. We believed that timely response to both our vendors and customers is the most important issue. We will wholeheartedly devoted ourselves to our vendors and customers


We treat our integrity as our most valuable asset. Once we started the cooperation with vendors and customer, we will always do our best to make sure our promises can be delivered.


We act very quickly to the ever-changing environment. Nowadays a lot of new channels to promote a product, however all of these channels have very short life-time and people’s taste are changing, as a group of young and energetic team, we will always act fast to adopt to these changes

How We Work

how we work

We are working as a bridge between our vendors and our customers, we tried to explore the unseen value of the products and try to reveal it in the market. We will also helping our customer to create value by organizing promotion campaign of the products to make sure the product is moving healthily.

Food Business Unit

Check Out Our Brands

"Green" Type - Vegetarian product is now the biggest trend in the healthy food sector, eating less meat not only good for your health, it can also do good to our planet! Currently, most of our product including Greenday, Blue Elephant(most of the items), Mazz, Beanbag, Fruto Bar, Banana Joe, Oh! So healthy are vegetarian products.

"Snacks" Type - Snack is always a necessity in every office in Hong Kong. As a professional snack importer, we got a large variety of delicious while very healthy snack for you to choose from. Our hottest brand Greenday is the best healthy snack and it is commonly known as the best fruit chips in Hong Kong and the world!

"Sauce" Type - It is no doubt that Blue Elephant is the No. 1 Brand when we talking about Thai sauce. The Blue Elephant Curry Paste and Sauce was developed by their founder, Mrs Nooror. She is the top 5 Chef in Thailand and she is still pursuing for the best taste in Thai cuisine. Blue Elephant have a large product range from Curry Paste to dipping sauce, as well as cooking sets and some confectionary items.

Partner with BUL

partner with us

We put integrity at the most important core value of our company. We are fully transparent to our partners and we believed that core data sharing is key to success for everyone. We will share essential information to our partners and to provide better picture to them on the current market situation. We will set strategy together, set goals together and execute together, we will work as a team with our partners and customers. We are not the biggest company, but our ambition and capabilities will surprised you, let’s work with BUL and we will grow together!

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